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    Founded in 2003, CONNECT Properties established its position on the market as a renowned, real estate company thanks to its innovative, creative and forward-thinking approach. Located in main Bahria Town Lahore, CONNECT Properties offers expert property advice with their professionals who are highly trained and committed to giving the best customized service to their clients combined with transparency, discretion, and clear communication.

    CONNECT Properties offers a wide range of property services across all property types and sectors including property marketing, brokerage, renting, property management, project planning, and development, whether you are looking for a place to create your ideal home or just a good investment opportunity, CONNECT Properties is a full-service real estate company providing clients personalized and valuable up-to-date market data and trends.


    Investors and home owners can attest how crucial a real estate can help them go through the delicate process of property buying and selling as their primary function. However, this is just a tip of the iceberg as we offer many other services. 

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    Buying a property

    Apart from selling properties, there is equally a significant number of people who are looking forward to the purchase a property. It may be your first home or an addition to your properties. The process is daunting now that you do not have any experience or a pool of potential sellers. We have all that you need to succeed in your property-owning dreams.

    A complete success depends on whether you will get a qualified and experienced agency with many options for you to choose from. With a smooth property buying process, then you reduce the chances of losing money which is the greatest fear to many.

    Selling a property

    Are you planning to sell some of your properties? Well, the best approach to use is a real estate agency. More so, people selling a property for the first time are safe if they use experienced team to do the job. The beauty of using our services as working for over 20 years, is that we negotiate a good selling price when a possible client from our pool of many shows interest. In case none is available, we also help in marketing the house or premise through our website along with a wide marketing platform which significantly reduces the selling time. So, if you are wondering, ‘’ how do I sell my home quick?’’ then this is the option to take.

    Building and construction of houses and premises

    In building and construction services, our team acts on behalf of the client to coordinate and supervise the project from beginning to completion. Our expertise help you save on cost, instill high-quality standards and meet the set deadlines for the project. Our experts have a good network of the best engineers, contractors, architects and other related contractors who work under us.

    Property management services

    Facility Management services are more required than any other service. As more people own properties, they also seek professionals who can manage them well. So, the management differs depending on the type of property and the services offered.

    Rented property requires careful management to ensure that all units are occupied at any one time, the tenant’s rights are put into considerations and also instill the following of agreement on the contract including rent payments. Finally, the units for sale need detailed marketing and home staging strategies to make sure they move and make an ROI fast.

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